Saturday, 13 February 2010

Export Publishing Enterprise Ltd's Reprints Part II

In part I the first reprint of Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd's News Stand Library (NSL) imprint was discussed. Here is the second reprint, The Ravager by David Lord (series number 03).

For the first time Export published a reprint with a modified first printing series number. A "R" is added to the front of the number. Both numbers are on the spines. The first printing is 8mm wider and has a white line at the right edge of the front cover and left edge of the back cover. The reprint's copyright page states " First Printing, June, 1948 | Second Printing, October, 1948". The reprint's back cover does not have “Printed in Canada” at bottom right and “A LUSTY TALE OF MEN, WOMEN AND PASSION” at the bottom is printed in red. Back cover copy reset.

first printing front cover

first printing back cover

second printing front cover

second printing back cover

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