Saturday, 27 February 2010

Harlequin Non-fiction Part I

Harlequin published 481 titles (501 books but 20 multiple edition titles) from mid 1949 until the end of 1959, when the reign of romance began. Thirty-one (6%) of these were non-fiction. Or, at least were sold as non-fiction - some as we'll see stretch the definition. The usual suspects are seen: sports, crime, heath and home life. Here are four.

One of the earliest is Bouquet Knitters Guide, originally published by Dominion Woolens and Worsteds Limited of Toronto in 1949. The art is by "jeg" and is reproduced from the original edition.

Harlequin 71 August 1950

Next is Health, Sex and Birth Control. Published by Toronto's Anchor Press in 1942, the Harlequin edition was the seventh printing of the book. There were at least five further Harlequin printings.

Harlequin 161 March 1952

Third is Why Be a Sucker? published by Toronto's The Metheun Company [1952]. The Harlequin edition reproduces the cover from this edition. My copy has a loosely inserted ad which is likely original to the book.

Harlequin 186 August 1952

Harlequin 186 ad

And last is our friend Thomas Kelley recycling his true crime stories with Canada's Greatest Crimes, a paperback original.

Harlequin 435 August 1958 - Art by Norm Eastman

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