Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Harlequin - Historical Part II

The July 2010 books from Harlequin Historical, one of 19 series in the Harlequin imprint, include numbers 287, 288 and 999 through 1002. I don't know why the series has two numbering sequences but number 1000 is here and I like milestones. Books 999-1002 are from the following sub series: Western, Regency, 1830s and Medieval.

I thought it would be fun to find early Harlequin ancestors for these books. Here are two.

999 is the western, Alaska Bride on the Run by Kate Bridges. Harlequin published 74 western titles but few with a woman at the centre of the story. Hostage by Archie Joscelyn is a very good fit with two women on the cover and a bride to be.

Harlequin 244 - August 1953

Harlequin 244 back

1002 is the medieval, Mercenary's Bride by Terri Brisbin, and takes place in 1067. The Firebrand by George Challis (Frederick Faust) will work nicely. The time period is unclear (15th to 17th century) but it has a medieval look about it.

Harlequin 193 - October 1952

Harlequin 193 back

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