Saturday, 23 October 2010

Weldun Publications Part III

Here is the third and final post for Weldun Publications. The final two books are undated, have uncredited art and are 160 pages long. Weldun published six books, none by Canadians and all, except possibly one, reprints. The last two books finally give some hint who the publisher is. Both have the following on the copyright page:

"Pony Books are published monthly by Weldun Publications and copyrighted by F.E. Howard..."

Howard's name is seen on other Canadian paperbacks from the era. He'll be the topic of another post.

Pony Book 126 is Orchids To You, a reprint of Honey, Take My Gun, published by London's S D Frances in 1949. Honey, Take My Gun is the 10th in the long running British Hank Janson series with over 300 novels published from 1946 until 1971. The creator and writer of nearly half the books is Stephen Frances [1917 - 1989]. Curiously just two were published in North America, the Pony Book and one by Checkerbooks in the US in 1949.

The last Pony, The Lion Murders by Elwood Brown, is a mystery. I can find nothing about the author or the book. It may be a paperback original. Brown had a book called The Elephant Murders published in 1955 by a vanity press. And that seems to be the end of his writing career.

Weldun Pony Book 126

Weldun Pony Book 126 back

Weldun Pony Book 127

Weldun Pony Book 127 back

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