Thursday, 17 November 2011

Canadian Paperbacks - Other Editions Part V

In an earlier post I showed some of the non-Canadian paperback editions of Mickey Spillane's very popular first book I, the Jury. Once again the very first paperback edition from Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada leads followed by the first American, British and French. Then four later editions, two British and two American.

White Circle CD384 - 1948

NAL Signet 699 1st printing - December 1948

Arthur Barker 1st printing - 1952

 Presses de la Cité Coll. Un Mystère n° 2 - 1950

NAL Signet 699 26th printing - December 1952

NAL Signet AE3543 77th printing - nd [after 1982]

Arthur Barker Dragon 31 - 1959

Corgi 9th printing - 1970

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