Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hard Case Crime Part IX

The Life magazine site here has a fun look at covers from the Hard Case Crime series. The really interesting feature is a description by the artist, Chuck Pyle, of how he created the cover to the first book in the series Grifter's Game by Lawrence Block, a reprint of Mona. I wonder if Pyle had the image from the 1925 first edition of The Great Gatsby in mind? Probably not.

Lawrence Block has had six books published in the series including the latest Getting Off which is the first hard cover and his first original for the series. Two more are coming in 2012.

HCC-001 September 2004

The Great Gatsby - 1925

Fawcett Gold Medal s1085 - 1961

HCC-101 September 2011

HCC-101 back

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