Monday, 16 January 2012

A Rose Part I

One of the fun aspects of collecting old paperbacks is the title changes that were an important part of selling these books. Here are three examples from Harlequin Books written by Australian E(dward) V(ivian) Timms (1895-1960). All were published by Angus & Robertson of Sydney, Australia.

Forever to Remain (1948) becomes The Violent Years
The Beckoning Shore (1950) becomes Convict Town
The Pathway of the Sun (1949) becomes Woman in Chains

Harlequin 290 - April 1954

Harlequin 290 back

Harlequin 330 - March 1955

Harlequin 330 back

Harlequin 331 - March 1955

Harlequin 331 back

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