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Canadian Best-Seller Library Part IV

Here is the list of McClelland & Stewart's Canadian Best-Seller Library series published from 1964 to 1968. Two of the 38 authors also had books published by Harlequin Books. I discussed one in part II. The other author is Gordon Sinclair. Bright Path to Adventure was published as Bright Paths to Adventure in 1945 by McClelland & Stewart and his first book, Foot-loose in India, by S. B. Gundy in 1932.

One look at photograph of Sinclair and it's clear the Robert Taylor look-a-like on the Harlequin cover is not him.

CBL 1 Newman, Peter C. Renegade in Power: The Diefenbaker Years
CBL 2 Berton, Pierre The Big Sell
CBL 3 Green, H. Gordon + Frank Selke Behind the Cheering 1964
CBL 4 Newman, Peter C. Flame of Power
CBL 5 Minifie, James M. Peacemaker or Powder-Monkey: Canada's Role in a Revolutionary World
CBL 6 Lynch, Charles China: one fourth of the world
CBL 7 Richler, Mordecai The Incomparable Atuk
CBL 8 Berton, Pierre Klondike: The Life and Death of the Last Great Gold Rush
CBL 9 Mowat, Farley People of the Deer
CBL 10 Creighton, Luella High Bright Buggy Wheels
CBL 11 Hutchison, Bruce The Unknown Country
CBL 12 Denison, Merrill Klondike Mike
CBL 13 Hamilton, Robert M. Canadian Quotations & Phrases: Literary and Historical
CBL 14 Berton, Pierre Just Add Water and Stir
CBL 15 Marika, Robert A Stranger and Afraid
CBL 16 Holt, Simma Terror in the Name of God
CBL 17 MacMillan, Don Rink Rat
CBL 18 Sinclair, Gordon Foot-loose in India…
CBL 19 Lambert, Richard Stanton Exploring the supernatural; the weird in Canadian folklore
CBL 20 Hiemstra, Mary Pinder Gully Farm
CBL 21 Macfarlane, Leslie McGonigle scores!
CBL 22 MacKay, Douglas The Honourable Company: A History of the Hudson's Bay Company
CBL 23 Boliska, Al The World's Worst Jokes
CBL 24 Young, Scott The Flood
CBL 25 Roy, Katherine Lise
CBL 26 Berton, Laura Beatrice I Married the Klondike
CBL 27 Irwin, Grace Least of all Saints
CBL 28 Desbarats, Peter The State of Quebec
CBL 29 Berton, Pierre Adventures of a Columnist
CBL 30 Bishop, William Arthur The courage of the early morning
CBL 31 O'Hearn, Walter Lady Chatterley, Latterly
CBL 32 Robertson, Terry The Shame and the Glory: Dieppe
CBL 33 Allen, Robert Thomas When Toronto was for kids
CBL 34 Ludwig, Jack Confusions
CBL 35 Mowat, Farley The Regiment
CBL 36 Childerhose, R. J. Splash one tiger
CBL 37 Berton, Pierre Fast Fast Fast Relief
CBL 38 Clark, Gerald Canada: The Uneasy Neighbour
CBL 39 Penfield, Wilder No Other Gods: The Tender Story of Two Lovers Destined to Found a Nation
CBL 40 Hobson, Richmond P., Jr. Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy
CBL 41 Leacock, Stephen Laugh with Leacock : an anthology of the best work of Stephen Leacock
CBL 42 Creighton, Luella Turn east, turn west
CBL 43 Weintraub, William Why Rock the Boat?
CBL 44 Penfield, Wilder The Torch: Love, Treachery, and a Battle For Truth in Ancient Greece
CBL 45 Green, H. Gordon A Time to Pass Over
CBL 46 McGoey, John H. Nor Scrip Nor Shoes

Harlequin 288 - March 1954

Harlequin 288 back

CBL 18 - 1966

CBL 18 back

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