Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Are Any of Harlequin Books 51 - 60 Worth Reading?

The search for Harlequin Worthies® continues with issues 51 through 60.

51 anon.                                The Pocket Purity Cook Book
52 Lacroix, Rose (translator)     Livre de cuisine Purity petit format
53 White, William C.                The Pale Blonde Of Sands Street
54 Sanxay Holding, Elizabeth    Speak Of The Devil
55 Healy, Eugene                    Mr. Sandeman Loses His Life
56 Cooke, Ronald J.                The Mayor Of Côte St. Paul
57 Bogart, William                   Murder Man [Hell on Friday]
58 Halleran, E. E.                     Outposts Of Vengeance
59 Sale, Richard                      Cardinal Rock
60 Sanxay Holding, Elizabeth    Lady Killer

Harlequin's only cookbooks are in this group. Other books include one western, one romance and five mystery/thrillers. Plus The Mayor of Cote St. Paul, an original from Canadian Ronald J. Cooke. Thanks to The Dusty Bookcase I will not be awarding a Worthy®.

I have read two of the books - Cardinal Rock and Murder Man. The first was competently written but it is not good enough to make the cut. However Murder Man was enjoyable with a fun connection to the world of pulp publishing. One Worthy® here.

The three other mystery/thrillers include two by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding. Both were published by Duell, Sloane and Pearce, Speak of the Devil in 1941 and Lady Killer in 1942. I've read and enjoyed two other novels by the well-respected Holding and these appear to be well worth reading.

Three Worthies® in this group with a running total of eight.

Harlequin 54 - June 1950

Harlequin 57 - June 1950

Harlequin 60 - July 1950

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