Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Great Gatsby Part I

I've just reread one of my half-dozen favourite novels - The Great Gatsby. With the fifth filmed version in the news I thought it time to post a bit about the book, much as I have with The Time Machine.

This early article about the new movie discusses why the four films to date have failed to do justice to the book. I've seen the last two versions and all I can say is good luck to Baz and company (Daisy's hair still blonde).

The first edition (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1925) is one of the highlights, if not the highest, of modern first edition collecting. And there have been interesting editions since. One of the most interesting is a five part serialization in 1926 in The Famous Story Magazine (April, Volume III, No. 1 through August, Volume IV, No. 2). Twenty years later the first mass market version was published by Bantam Books. Later printings have an added dust jacket with Ladd on the cover.

The Famous Story Magazine #7 - Volume III, No.1 - April 1926

Bantam 8 - November 1945

Bantam 8 back

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