Saturday, 27 October 2012

Black and White

In 2011 Vintage Books, a division of Random House, started a new series - Pocket Black Lizard. Four books were published then four more in 2012. The format of the series appeals to me because it mirrors a favourite series of mine from the 1940s - White Circle Pocket, published by Toronto's Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada Ltd. In addition to an obvious mirroring of the names the new series has a feature rarely seen today - stained edges. In this case black. The White Circles were stained red or green/blue in the early years then red only.

Another feature is the trim size. The new series is a bit larger than a mass market paperback but smaller than a trade paperback. They have the feel of the well made White Circles.

Also the new series has published in a genre that was very popular in the White Circle series - crime/thriller. Crime and Guilt is a collection of true crime stories. White Circle had a similar collection.

White Circle CD 378 - 1949

White Circle 378 back

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