Thursday, 14 July 2011

Export's News Stand Library US Series Part IX

Toronto's Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd published 28 books for the American market in 1949 and 1950. Export put dustjackets on 20 of the books. I've discussed 18 of them in previous posts. Here is one more plus a DJ example from an American publisher.

With three exceptions books in the US series were also published in the Canadian series. Of the 25 US issues, 24 had a date the same as or after the Canadian issue. Death Be My Destiny is the only exception with a January 1950 Canadian date and a November 1949 US date.

Paired with Death Be My Destiny is the only early paperback from Dell with a dust jacket. Note that the DJ is used to opposite effect. The Export DJ covers a more "sexed-up" cover while the Dell does the opposite. There is also a remarkable design similarity between the books.

News Stand Library 14A with DJ - November 1949

News Stand Library 14A with DJ back

News Stand Library 14A without DJ

News Stand Library 14A back

Dell D114 with DJ - 1952

Dell D114 with DJ back

Dell D114 without DJ

Dell D114 back


  1. Good on Export for getting the Perrin nom de plume right - on the front and back! How did they do on the spine?