Wednesday 24 February 2016

Harlequin and Quinn (not the Eskimo) Part VI

In the first of the series on early American paperback publisher Quinn Publishing Company I described the close relationship between Harlequin and Quinn. Nearly 30 percent (39) of the 139 titles published by Quinn were also published by Harlequin. Here are two.

Sam Merwin's Knife in My Back was first published in 1945 by Mystery House. The Window With the Sleeping Nude is a PBO.

The Harlequin edition of Knife in My Back is not abridged - at least to the extent the Quinn edition is. It may be abridged from the original.
Handi-Book Mystery 44 - 1945
Handi-Book Mystery 44 back
Harlequin 70 - August 1950
Harlequin 70 back
Handi-Book Mystery 118 - 1950
Handi-Book Mystery 118 back
Harlequin 106 - April 1951
Harlequin 106 back