Thursday, 31 March 2016

Retitled White Circles

In my last post I asked for help to identify the original titles of nine paperbacks published by Wm Collins Sons & Co. Canada in the late 1940s. Here are the seven retitled books in the White Circle series that I have identified.

One Summer Night first published as First Star in 1949 (New York: Arcadia House)
If I Live to Dine as Madam Will Not Dine Tonight in 1947 (New York: Coward-McCann)
The Tarnished Lady as Deadlier than the Male in 1942 (New York: Duell, Sloane and Pearce)
Murder in Hollywood as Say Yes to Murder in 1942 (New York: G. P. Putnam's)
Uninvited Corpse as Women Are Skin Deep in 1948 (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott)
The Affair at the Marco Polo Club as Death Before Dinner in 1948 (London: Wm Collins)
The Sheriff of Union County as Boomerang Jail in 1947 (New York: E. P. Dutton) 

The total of 16 (out of 420 reprints) is quite small compared to Harlequin. In this post I discussed the Harlequin retitled books - 87 out of 455. This is a rate almost 5.4 times greater than the White Circles. This is no doubt due to the 318 White Circle reprints of titles first published by the parent company Wm Collins, only one of which was retitled.
White Circle CD413 - 1949

White Circle CD438 - 1950

White Circle CD444 - 1950

White Circle CD483 - 1950

White Circle CD522 - 1951 

White Circle CD525 - 1951

White Circle 339 - 1948

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

White Circle Missing Information

Wm Collins Sons & Co. Canada Ltd published 429 titles in their White Circle paperback reprint line from 1942 until 1952. All but nine were reprints but Collins never stated the original publication information. I've been able to identify this information for all but nine of the 420 titles.

The reason I can't find the original publication is Collins changed the title. And the authors wrote dozens of books. I'm showcasing these nine books here with the hope that someone can recognize the original title.
White Circle 321 - 1947
White Circle 321 back
White Circle CD366 - 1948
White Circle CD366 back
White Circle CD387 - 1949
White Circle CD387 back

White Circle CD389 - 1949
White Circle CD389 back
White Circle CD393 - 1949
White Circle CD393 back
White Circle CD395 - 1949
White Circle CD395 back
White Circle CD416 - 1949
White Circle CD 416 back
White Circle CD420 - 1949
White Circle CD420 back
White Circle CD428 - 1949
White Circle CD428 back