Monday 27 August 2018

Westerns Part VI

Before getting to this post's topic I want to announce that an improved (better images) Collins White Circle Paperback Guide is now up.

Earlier posts have highlighted nine of the 44 Western titles published by Wm. Collins and Sons Canada Co. in their 1940/50s paperback imprint White Circle Pocket Library. Here are four more, each from an author with only one book published by Collins.

Will Ermine is a pseudonym for Harry Sinclair Drago (1888-1979). Cowboy, Say Your Prayers was first published in 1939 (New York: William Morrow).

Howard Fast's (1914-2003) The Last Frontier dates from 1941 (New York: Duell, Sloane & Pearce).

The Devil's Saddle by Norman Fox (1911-1960) was published in 1948 by New York's Dodd, Mead.

Wallace Q. Reid is a pseudonym for George Goodchild (1888-1969). The Man From Peace River was published in 1933 by Wm. Collins.

White Circle C4 - 1942

White Circle C4 back

White Circle CD414 - 1949

White Circle CD414 back 

White Circle CD458 - 1950

White Circle 458 back

White Circle 287 - 1946

White Circle 287 back