Saturday 2 December 2017

Harlequin and New Canadian Library

The 100th issue of CNQ has two articles by Brian Busby (see The Dusty Bookcase) on Canadian paperbacks. One is about the New Canadian Library series, the other about long forgotten Canadian author Kenneth Orvis (pen name for Kenneth LeMieux).

Below is Orvis's first book (and only Harlequin) plus some late number NCLs.

Harlequin 367 - August 1956

Harlequin 367 back

NCL N152 - 1978

NCL N152 back

NCL N154 - nd

NCL N154 back

Friday 1 December 2017

Ricochet Books

November's Quill & Quire has an article on Montreal publisher's Ricochet Books. Fine article except, once again, the error that Brian Moore's first novel, Wreath for a Redhead was pseudonymous. Also below are the original editions of the three books illustrated in the article.

More on Ricochet Books at The Dusty Bookcase.

Harlequin 102 - March 1951

Harlequin 102 back

Harlequin 262 - December 1953

News Stand Library 116 - July 1950

Popular Library 612 - 1954