Wednesday 30 July 2014

Harlequin and Victor Mature

In an earlier post, Noel Coward, I talked about the artist Paul Anna Soik's use of a celebrity's image on one of the many covers he created for Harlequin Books in the 1950s. Here is another, the actor Victor Mature.

Another example from an early PBO published by Penguin Books of New York is below. The copy shown is the more uncommon second printing from October 1947. The image, by Robert Jonas, is identical to the August 1947 first printing but the movie, staring Mature, is referenced at the top unlike the first printing. The movie was also released in August 1947.
Harlequin 420 -  April 1958
Harlequin 420 back
Penguin (US) 642 - October 1947
Penguin (US) 642 back

Tuesday 1 July 2014

147 and Counting

The British North American Act, enacted March 29, 1867 by the British Parliament, provided for Confederation of the three British North American colonies, Canada (Upper and Lower), Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Now much amended as the Constitution Act, 1867, it was proclaimed into law on July 1, 1867 and Canada was born. The first official birthday celebration was in 1868, July 1 being named Dominion Day in 1879 and Canada Day in 1982.

Dan Ackroyd turns 62 today. What books might his father, Peter, have been reading while waiting for young Dan to arrive? The very last of the White Circle paperbacks from Wm. Collins Sons & Co Canada Ltd may have still been on the stands in the local cigar or drug store in Ottawa. Or perhaps a colourful Harlequin tempted him.
White Circle CD539X - 1952
White Circle CD540 - 1952
White Circle CD541X - 1952
Harlequin 171 - May 1952
Harlequin 173 - June 1952
Harlequin 174 - June 1952