Sunday 19 February 2023

George Victor Martin in Canada

George Victor Martin (1900-1959) had three novels published. The last was his most successful, at least in paperback. There are three US editions (under three different titles), one UK and two Canadian.

The first Canadian edition was from Toronto publisher Export Enterprises, one of its first two unnumbered books. There are two printings - May and June 1948. The second edition came out five years later as the Canadian printing of a US edition. 

The US edition was published by Avon Books as one of their Eton imprint. The Canadian printing is renumbered as part of Avon's short lived uniquely Canadian numbering editions from 1951 to 1953. There are 62 of the renumbered Avons from C751 to C812.

Avon C805 - 1953

Avon C805 back

News Stand Library nn - May 1948

News Stand Library nn back