Saturday, 1 October 2011

Harlequin Reprints Part VIII

No one will be surprised to read that the most popular Harlequin Books from the first ten years were the romances. One measure is the number of romances that had multiple printings and editions or issues over many years. An example is Love is My Reason by Mary Burchell, first published by Mills & Boon (London: 1957). The Harlequin printings are:

first - November 1959
second - 1960 (not seen) 
third - 1971
fourth - 1972 (not seen)
fifth - 1974
sixth - 1980 (not seen)

All of these printings use the original number - 494. There are two renumbered editions or issues published in reprint series:

Harlequin Collection 128 - 1978 (not seen)
Harlequin Classic Library 136 - September 1983 (not seen).

Below are the first, third and fifth printings. The back cover copy is the same in each printing but reset. The third printing's generic cover is seen on many reprints from the era.

Harlequin 494 first printing - November 1959

Harlequin 494 third printing - 1971

Harlequin 494 fifth printing - 1974

Harlequin 494 first printing back

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