Sunday, 28 October 2012

Penguin and Harlequin Part I

Penguin began publishing mass market paperbacks in 1935, 14 years before Harlequin. Both are very much still in business, but it is unlikely that the same title has been published by both publishers in over 50 years. However until 1959 there were a few titles so honoured. How many? Not sure yet. For your viewing pleasure, here is one.

Harlequin 210 - July 1953

Harlequin 210 back

Penguin 1116 - 1954

Penguin 1116 back


  1. Predating both Harlequin and Penguin, McSorley's Wonderful Saloon was also published by that other Canadian paperback publisher, Collins White Circle, as No. 208 in 1944.

  2. Yes, indeed - one of the White Circle/Penguin combinations. They'll have their series of posts.

  3. I love that Harlequin cover, it's so colourful and expressive. The Penguin cover by comparison is just sad.
    ~jim b.

    1. The Harlequin cover is my favourite also. What makes it even more fun is that until the 1970's and a court order, the real McSorley's in New York did not permit women on the premises. It's highly unlikely that even then they would be dancing on the tables.

  4. The harlequin is colourful and expressive. But I don't agree the Penguin is sad. Far from it.

    Fascinating note about the real McSorely's. Thanks.