Sunday, 23 January 2011

September 1950 Part I

There were only 21 months when the three large early Canadian paperback publishers (Harlequin Books, Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada Ltd and Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd) were all in business - from May 1949 to January 1951. I'll start looking at one of those months with the help of Winnipeg's National Home Monthly.

September 1950 was the first month for a new size for the magazine - from large to digest. In common with family magazines of the era it had non-fiction, fiction and many departments. Here are two of the three fiction stories and a typical for the time red-scare article. Garner's most famous book, Cabbagetown, was also published in the fall of 1950 by Wm. Collins as a paperback original. Joy Brown's novel, Murdered Mistress, was published as an original by Export in November 1949.

White Circle CD 482

News Stand Library 86

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