Saturday, 29 January 2011

Westerns Part II

Western novels were important to the early paperback publishers in Canada. Wm. Collins Sons & Co. Canada Ltd published 43 (10% of the total) western titles in its White Circle imprint. In an early post I noted three and here are two from the first year for Canadian White Circles, 1942. The 50 White Circle that Collins published in 1942 had text only covers. Eighteen were reissued with illustrated covers. Only two of the four 1942 westerns were reissued.

Both books were first published in 1938 by the Scottish-English parent company Wm. Collins & Sons.

White Circle B8 - 1942

White Circle D1 - 1942

same back on White Circles B8 and D1

White Circle 329 - 1947

White Circle 329 back

White Circle 115 - 1944

White Circle 115 back

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