Friday, 9 March 2012

Harlequin Artists Part XVI - Gerald Lazare (1)

Around 300 covers on the early Harlequins (1949 - 1959) are signed. Some of the illustrators have left behind hard to decipher signatures. Here's an example. The same (I think) signature on two early Harlequins but I can't read either. The art doesn't tell me one way or the other if its the same artist.

The first signature clearly starts with "L". The second letter is ?, the third "g" or "z" and two last letters.

The second almost as clearly starts with "L". The second letter is "a" or "u". The third letter appears to be "z". Then two or three more letters.

Harlequin 64

Harlequin 77

Harlequin 64 - July 1950

Harlequin 77 - September 1950

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