Monday, 19 March 2012

Harlequin Artists Part XXIV - Jack Harman (1)

Jack Harman (1927 - 2001) is one of 34 artists who signed Harlequin covers between 1949 and 1959 and one of three, of the 34, who did covers after 1959. Harman had the most distinguished post-Harlequin career as a sculptor in BC. Here is his bio from the City of Vancouver web site:

Harman was born in Vancouver in 1927. He studied and worked as a graphic artist and illustrator for 11 years in Vancouver, Toronto, and London, UK. He had a very successful career illustrating covers for Harlequin and Corgi Romances in the 1950s while at the Slade School of Art on London. When he returned to the West Coast, he taught sculpture at the Vancouver School of Art/ Emily Carr College of Art and Design for 14 years. He carved figures in clay and revived an interest in lost-wax casting. In 1963 Harman built a foundry in North Vancouver, the first large sculpture foundry in Canada. In 1978, he opened a larger foundry in the old Letson and Burpee Foundry building east of Vancouver's Gastown where, as well as casting his own works, he also cast works by Bill Reid, Robert Davidson, and Joe Fafard. He cast the Bird of Spring on the old courthouse (Vancouver Art Gallery) steps. In 1989 the foundry was moved to Gibsons, BC. Harman died in January 2001.

Here are his first three Harlequin covers - all from 1951.

Harlequin 121

Harlequin 114 - May 1951

Harlequin 121 - July 1951

Harlequin 132 - September 1951

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