Sunday, 23 September 2012

Collins White Circle "I, the Jury"

I recently picked up a 1996 edition of Paperback Parade with the Wm. Collins & Sons Company Canada's edition of Mickey Spillane's I, the Jury on the cover. This may be the only edition (#82 just published) of Paperback Parade with a Canadian paperback on the cover. The editor has published articles on Canadian paperbacks (including eight of mine) but the covers are reserved for American or British books.

White Circle 384 is mentioned a few times in the articles about Spillane. For instance:

"This Canadian White Circle series has 300+ books (actually 459) in it published from the late 40s to early 60s (no - 1942 to 1952). White Circle #384 is the most scarce (no - 10 of both printings are now for sale on line; a few titles from 1942 are truly rare), pricey (yes) and soughtafter [sic] book (yes - see price) in the series and does not often turn up in condition (yes but more often that many of the White Circles). There were also at least 2 reprintings of the book in 1949 with the same number (no - only 1 reprint), the chief difference being the colors on the cover are brighter than the darker tones of the first printing from 1948 (yes)."

Most of the errors are thanks to a long time dealer who, in the 1980s, published a White Circle checklist full of errors. It is still available on his web site.

Paperback Parade 46 - August 1996

White Circle 384 - 1948 (first printing)

White Circle 384 - 1949 (second printing)

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