Monday 3 September 2012

Bell Features and Publishing Part IV

The 1940s Canadian publisher Bell Features and Publishing is best known for their comics. But there was money to be made in post war Great Britain and Bell found a partner in Pembertons of Manchester. Together they published 17 96 page digests:

Armstrong, Buck              Laila--Queen of the Range
Crowell, Will                    The Terror of Mocking Valley
Denison, Clift                  The Spy in the Room
Douglas, Dayle                Haunted Harbor
Earl, Cliff                        The Cowboy Kid from Bear Paw
Edgar, Dorothy                Heart in Chains
Edgar, Keith                    The Canyon of Death
Edgar, Keith                    The Kunwak Treasure
Ernenwein, Leslie             The Renegade Westerner
Gould, Stephen                Homicide Johnny
Leinster, Murray               Cowgirl Fury
Leinster, Murray               The Blonde and the Outlaw
Porter, Raymond W.          Living by the Trigger
Porter, Raymond W.         Under the Sign of the Six-Shooter
Shappiro, Herbert             Love Throws a Loop
Yates, Peter                    Curtain Call for Murder
Yates, Peter                    The Dress Circle Murders

Nine of the 17 were westerns. Here are a couple. I don't know where either was first published. Both are copyright 1946.

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