Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Hard Case Crime Part I

Departure time. My favourite current mass market paperback series is no more. The 66th and last book in the Hard Case Crime series has just been published - Murder Is My Business by Brett Halliday. The series lasted six years, publishing both reprints and PBOs. Here are a couple of the Lawrence Block HCC reprints with the PBOs. The titles for both books have been changed to the author's preferred. The second book has the pseudonym replaced.

HCC-001 September 2004

HCC-001 back

Fawcett Gold Medal s1085 - February 1961

Fawcett Gold Medal s1085 back

HCC-028 February 2007

HCC-028 back

Universal Publishing Beacon B757X - 1964

Universal Publishing Beacon B757X back

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