Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Crown Novel Publishing Part II

I introduced the nine book British paperback series Bear Pocket here. Here are another two.

All of the Bear Pockets were published in 1946 and are an example of the odd publishing ventures that followed the Second World War. Paper rationing was still in effect so a tiny book like this made economic sense. Another way to get books on the stands in Britain was Canadian produced books distributed in Britain. These efforts, as far as I can tell, only happened in 1946.

One such publisher was Toronto's Crown Novel (sometimes "Book" is inserted) Publishing Company. I know nothing about them, not even the number of books Crown published. I know of eight. There may be some connection with Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd which I'll explore in another post. 

One of Crown's books has the following:

"Published by Crown Novel Book Publishing Company for Pemberton’s of Manchester Limited, 14 Lever Street, Manchester, England. Wholesale distribution through World Distributors Incorporated, Manchester, England."

Here are two westerns from Crown, both originals. Each are digest sized - 200-210mm x 135mm.

Bear Pocket 1

Bear Pocket 2

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