Saturday 7 March 2015

Export Publishing at Auction Part I

A number of now uncommon paperbacks published by the Canadian publisher Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd in 1949 and 1950 for the American market have recently come up at auction. They are distinguished by having dust jackets glued at the spines. For close to $5,300 (average $310) you could have been the owner of 17 of the 20 books. Here are the results:

$148 4A Each Night a Black Desire Plagemann, Bentz
$339 5A Offer Any Price Willis, George
$175 7A The Pagans Benedict, Jack
$350 8A Dirty City Young, Michael
$449 9A Torch of  Violence Forrest, David
$300 10A This Was Joanna Brooks, Grant R.
$427 13A No Place in Heaven Warren, Laura
$275 14A Death Be My Destiny Perrin, Neil H.
$266 15A Jesse James Kelley, Thomas P.
$502 16A Daughters of Desire Knight, Fletcher
$342 17A The Penthouse Killings Brown, Horace
$202 19A In Passion's Fiery Pit Brown, Joy
$339 20A Sugar-puss on Dorchester Street Palmer, Al
$155 21A The Door Between Perrin, Neil H.
$271 22A The Governor's Mistress Desmond, Warren
$515 23A Pick Up Scott, Leslie
$220 24A Overnight Escapade and other stories Mark, Stephen
News Stand Library 7A with DJ - August 1949
News Stand Library 8A with DJ - August 1949
News Stand Library 9A with DJ - November 1949

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