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Export Publishing Bibliography Part V

The name of this blog is from a review of an Export Publishing PBO. It is the only review I have found of any of Export's 52 PBOs.

“Two things, perhaps, excuse our giving [The Winter of Time] so much space: first, that there is some reasonably good writing in it, whence it is shameful that Mr. Holmes should have aimed so low; second, that this kind of book, deliberately offered by some fly-by-night publisher in the hope of wringing a few dollars from the sex-starved, is a relatively new thing in Canadian publishing. Or do I not get around enough?” 

Allan Sangster, “The Winter of Time”, The Canadian Forum, May 1950 pp. 45, 46.  

Below is the bibliographic entry for The Winter of Time. The author is Raymond Souster, a well known Canadian poet.

85 The Winter of Time

The | Winter | Of Time | By RAYMOND HOLMES | [ornament: company logo] | A NEWS STAND LIBRARY POCKET EDITION

Collation: pp. [1-4] 5-160; 178 x 108 mm.

Contents: p. [1] About this book… [2] NEWS STAND LIBRARY POCKET EDITION | First Printing NOVEMBER, 1949 | Printed and Bound in Canada | Export Publishing Enterprises Limited | TORONTO LONDON NEW YORK; [3] title; [4] blank; 5-160 text.

Binding: Perfect. Inside covers pattern with logo – red.

Note: Paperback original. Pseudonym of Raymond Souster. Signed art by D. Rickard.
Collation: [1-516].

Binding: Stapled gatherings. Inside covers pattern with logo – black. Title and author name on back cover shifted to the left 5 mm and 8 mm respectively. Yellow blob on fire hydrant, lower left front cover.

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