Tuesday, 21 January 2020

French Canadian Paperbacks Part VI

More on the Collections Petit Format imprint from Montreal publisher Les Editions Moderne.

There is a fascinating overlap between Harlequin and Les Editions Moderne as both published a French language cookbook. The CPF version is Cuisinons (Cook), 1955 by Jehane Benoit. Benoit (1904-1987) was a well-known culinary author
who appeared on French and English television
and wrote a column for La Revue Moderne. The Harlequin cookbook is The Pocket Purity Cookbook (1950). Uniquely it was also published the same month by Harlequin in French as Livre de cuisine Purity petit format.

Harlequin 52 - June 1950

Harlequin 52 back

Collection Petit Format nn - October 1955

Collection Petit Format nn back

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