Wednesday 31 May 2023

Harlequin Mysteries - Raven House Part V

 "Agents and authors simply believed that Raven House was an ideal dumping ground for trunk manuscripts, failed proposals, and any old shlock that they happened to have lying around"

    Helen Heller, Raven House editor, quoted in Paul Grescoe, The Merchants of Venus (Raincoast Books, 1996), page 147.

Continuing our look at Harlequin's Raven House imprint's authors.

The first is Christina Blake. Like Richard A. Moore, her two Raven House books appear to be the only ones ever published. George Ogan had three titles issued by Raven House. But he was someone at the end of his career (he died in 1983) so these are likely the "lying around" type. 

The next author is the best known of Raven House's forty authors - Cornell Woolrich with over forty movies made from his novels and short stories. His one book for Raven House was the last in the series and is one of only two Raven House Mysteries that remain in print.

Raven House Mysteries 11 - November 1980

Raven House Mysteries 11 back

Raven House Mysteries 12 - November 1980

Raven House Mysteries 12 back

Raven House Mysteries 72 - August 1981

Raven House Mysteries 72 back

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