Saturday 27 January 2024

Avon Books in Canada Part III

In part II I introduced a short-lived (1952-3) series of paperbacks from Avon Canada. Here's more about them.

The early numbers (at least to C762) in the series do not have a price on the covers. Later books have the price (35 cents) on both covers. All titles have “Printed in Canada” on the back cover and the copyright page. The Canadian subsidiary of American News Corporation (474 Wellington Street West in Toronto), the owner of Avon, is the distributor. The number on all books is on 
the top left front cover and lower spine.

Avon (Canadian printing) C788
(US printing number 467)

Avon (Canadian printing) C788 back

Avon (Canadian printing) C792
(US printing number 373)

Avon (Canadian printing) C792 back

Avon (Canadian printing) C798 - May 1953
(US printing number 504)

Avon (Canadian printing) C798 back

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