Monday, 2 April 2012

Export Publishing Enterprises Artists Part V - Sid Dyke (4)

Here are the last four (of 17) covers for Export Publishing Enterprises that Sid Dyke signed.

News Stand Library 117

News Stand Library 19A - February 1950

News Stand Library 20A - February 1950

News Stand Library 116 & 27A - July 1950

News Stand Library 117 & 28A - July 1950


  1. Sad to see this series come to an end. If anything, I think you've demonstrated two things:

    1) Sid Dyke was the best artist commissioned by NSL/Export;

    2) The man just got better and better.

  2. I agree that he was the best Export artist. There's going to be at least one more post about Dyke and Export - at least one cover that is unsigned but very likely his work.

    There are also the Harlequin covers to come.