Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Export's News Stand Library US Series Part V

In the first four part to this post I discussed Export Publishing Enterprises Ltd's News Stand Library (NSL) 28 American books. Twenty of these books were published with and without dust jackets. I haven't noted this before but 14 of the dust jackets were numbered. These numbers were different from the the numbers on the books which ran from 1A to 28A and there is no clear pattern to the numbering. Here are the numbers for the twenty dust jackets plus two more examples. As usual the DJ artists are unknown.

4A Each Night a Black Desire   /  15           
5A Offer Any Price   /  16
6A Sin for Your Supper    /  19
7A The Pagans   /   14
8A Dirty City   /   3
9A Torch of Violence   /   none
10A This Was Joanna   /  13
12A Frustration   /   none
13A No Place in Heaven   /  1
14A Death Be My Destiny   /  none
15A Jesse James   /  none
16A Daughters of Desire   /   none
17A The Penthouse Killings   /   none
18A Let Out The Beast   /   2
19A In Passion's Fiery Pit   /   4
20A Sugar-puss on Dorchester   /  C8
21A The Door Between   /  20
22A The Governor's Mistress   /   C5
23A Pick Up   /   C6
24A Overnight Escapade and other stories   /   C7

News Stand Library 8A with DJ (August 1949)

News Stand Library 8A without DJ (D. Rickard artist)

News Stand Library 15A with DJ (January 1950)

News Stand Library 15A without DJ (D. Rickard artist)


  1. Interesting to note that Kelley's name is incorrect on both the Jesse James dust jacket and the book itself. How to view such an error? Certainly, it's evidence of the Export's sloppiness, but at the same time it demonstrates consistency (which was not one of their strengths).

  2. Don't despair - Export's reputation for inconsistency remains unsullied. Export published 3 books by Kelley. Jesse James had "Kelly" on front & back cover & spine as well as title page. The Gorilla's Daughter has the name correct on covers and title page.
    I Found Cleopatra has Kelly on front cover and spine (no back cover name) but correct on title page. So three books, three sets of names.