Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hard Case Crime Part X

The latest offering from Hard Case Crime is out - False Negative by Joseph Koenig. The story takes place in 1953 and is, in my opinion, one of the half-dozen best of the 75 or so books published in this series. His first book in nearly 20 years, I'll be looking for the others.

HCC 107 - 2012

HCC 107 back


  1. I have a copy sitting in my "to read" pile. It sounds interesting. I'll have to move it up to the top and read it sooner.
    I noticed that HHC's latest offering 69 Barrow Street/Strange Embrace is published by Subterranean Press instead of Titan Books. The numbering scheme also changed again. Has HHC changed publishers again?

  2. Pretty sure this ia a one-off and Titan is still the publisher.