Saturday, 21 December 2019

French Canadian Paperbacks Part IV

Continuing discussions of early Canadian publisher Les Editions Moderne's Collection Petit Format.

The art for the imprint was undistinguished, often a generic monochrome drawing, typically of a woman and man. One example is Dashiell Hammett's Pièges à filles (two of six stories from Dead Yellow Women, with two added)This is in contrast to the Presses de la Cité’s Un mystère books. The CFP cover is one of the generic covers while the Un mystère version is from the Dell edition of Dead Yellow Women.

A few times the CPF edition used the cover from the Un mystère edition, but printed in monochrome. An example is Cornell Woolrich’s (as William Irish) L’inspecteur ne sait pas danser (six of eight stories from The Dancing Detective). 

Collection Petit Format 364 - June 1955

Un mystère 24 - 1950

Collection Petit Format 222 - June 1951

Un mystère 46 - 1950

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