Thursday, 26 December 2019

French Canadian Paperbacks Part V

        The most popular genre published by Les Éditions Moderne
Ltée of Montreal from 1944 to 1958 in their imprint Collection 
Petit Format (CPF) was romance; French term “roman d’amour”.
Two hundred and fifty-eight (58%) of the 443 titles were romance. This large percentage is not surprising given how popular the roman d’amour was in France with thousands published in the last century. 
     The CPF titles were all originally published in France. One 
popular author was Magali, pen name of Jeanne Philbert 
(1898-1986), who has at least 28 CPF titles. Her novels
have “heroines [who] win respect through their virtue whilst 
being passionately loved and desired by men whom, in their 
turn, they find supremely lovable.” (Romance and Readership in 
Twentieth-Century France by Diana Holmes, Oxford University 
Press, 2006). 

CPF 385 - March 1953

CPF 387 - March 1953

CPF 530 - October 1955

CPF 448 - Februry 1954

CPF 327 - October 1952

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