Saturday 6 July 2024

Retitled Harlequins Part IV

In my last post in this series I noted that 17 of the 88 retitled Harlequins from 1949 to 1959 were first published by British romance publisher Mills & Boon. The original titles are clearly not specific enough for the Harlequin's editor. Nearly all give no hint, at least to a Canadian audience, that the story is about nurses and doctors. The books were published in 1958 and 1959 when Harlequin realized how well romance sold compared to the non-romance Harlequins. 

  • 423 Arbor, Jane Nurse Greve [City Nurse]
  • 427 Norway, Kate  Nurse Brookes [Sister Brookes of Byng's]
  • 439 Vinton, Anne Hospital In Sudan [Doctor Immacula]
  • 443 Gilzean, Elizabeth Nurse On Call [On Call, Sister!]
  • 446 Moore, Marjorie To Please the Doctor [Borne on the Wind]
  • 449 Hoy, Elizabeth Nurse in Training [Come Back My Dream]
  • 454 Arbor, Jane Nurse In Love [Such Frail Armour]
  • 459 Moore, Marjorie Ring for the Nurse [Second Love]
  • 463 Norway, Kate  Nurse Brodie [The Morning Star]
  • 469 Seale, Sara Maggy [House of Glass]
  • 477 Vinton, Anne Hospital Blue [Caprice in Hospital Blue]
  • 482 Arbor, Jane Nurse Harlowe [Folly of the Heart]
  • 485 Houghton, Elizabeth Island Hospital [A Sister in the Backwoods]
  • 489 Arbor, Jane Consulting Surgeon [Flower of the Nettle]
  • 491 Hoy, Elizabeth Nurse Tennant [Sally in the Sunshine]
  • 492 Moore, Marjorie Hospital Pro [Follow a Dream]
  • 497 Hoy, Elizabeth Doctor Garth [You Took My Heart]

Harlequin 439 - October 1958

Harlequin 443 - November 1958

Harlequin 423 - May 1958

Harlequin 427 - June 1958

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