Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Fireside Publications Limited - Part I

Fireside Publications Limited was a Canadian publisher in the late 1940s/early 50s responsible for a variety of books and periodicals that are very little known today. In this first part I'll present six magazine size paper bound books described as "A $3.00 IMMORTAL CLASSIC". All are 64 pages, undated and approximately 21cm x 27 or 28cm. The books had ads with coupons to be mailed to the Arcade Building in Toronto. The Arcade Building was at Yonge and Victoria streets in downtown Toronto until 1954.

Interesting to note that among the authors are Defoe, Verne, Flaubert, Gautier as well as three works still in print.

ad on back of Playthings of Desire


  1. Though I can't recall where, I've seen the advert from The Canadian Law Encyclopedia before. Does it not have a wonderful sales pitch?

    "Points to all the 'little' mistakes that can trip you up unless you KNOW exactly WHAT you are doing WHEN you do it!"

    Best to just stay inside and do nothing. Or maybe not. Is it wrong to stay indoors? Is it wrong to do nothing? Maybe the book would know. I'd buy it, but am afraid that the Arcade Mail Order Co. might be putting something over on me.

  2. It does have a wonderful sales pitch - as do all the ads on Fireside's books. Most of these ads are more in line with the sell on the front cover. Sounds like a good post subject soon.