Thursday, 14 January 2010

Export's News Stand Library US Series Part III

Continuing part I here are two more of the 20 dust jacketed books Export published for sale in the US.

I mentioned in the first part that Export was unique in their use of DJs among Canadian and American mass market publishers. I know of no other Canadian paperbacks from this era with jackets. Such major US publishers such as Ace, Avon and Popular never used jackets while Dell and Ballantine had one each. Pockets Books and Penguin US had four and six respectively. The closest US publisher to Export was Bantam who published 27 jacketed books. But these were spread over four years and 300 books. Seventeen were used to change the look of books already published by Bantam. Ten were used to disguise as Bantams books from companies Bantam had bought. The DJ for the last Bantam book below was used on four other Bantams with title and author change but same illustration.

News Stand Library 9A with DJ

News Stand Library 9A w/o DJ

News Stand Library 7A with DJ

News Stand Library 7A w/o DJ

Bantam 9 with DJ - 1945

Bantam 9 w/o DJ

Bantam 149 with DJ - 1948

Book under Bantam 149 DJ

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