Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Fireside Publications Limited - Part II

In the first post about Fireside I displayed six "$3.00 IMMORTAL CLASSIC" editions Fireside published. Here I'll present four more of their magazine size books. The first is a variation on the first group. Madame Bovary is "A $2.00 IMMORTAL CLASSIC" published in 1945. It is 32 pages rather than the 64 pages of the first group.

The second is undated and back to 64 pages. The author is revealed inside as Alfred Conner.

The next two are somewhat different. The price has jumped to $1.00 and the subject matter has changed. These were likely not displayed on the news stand racks. Both are 64 pages with Vickie Saunders dated 1945 and Women undated. Dorothy Leona Edgar is the author of Vickie.

Back of Women Under Polygamy


  1. Fireside's Madame Bovary is fun. "A $2.00 IMMORTAL CLASSIC FOR 25¢" Why not $3.00... or $30.00?

    But what I find most amusing is the description of poor Emma Bovary as an "ABNORMAL WOMAN", the very same words used to describe lesbian Vickie Saunders. Hmm... adds a whole new twist to Flaubert's novel (not to mention the whole "Madame Bovary, c'est moi" thing).

    Must say, I'm curious about The Strange Loves of Vickie Saunders". "Sold for the first time in Canada", it says - yet I see no sign that it was published elsewhere. And who was Dorothy Leona Edgar? Should I assume that, as with most lesbian pulp, it is a nom de plume?

  2. Yes but Madame is "sensational" while Vickie is merely "unusual". I doubt that it was published before but it could have been under a different name.

    I've seen speculation that Dorothy Leona Edgar is Keith Edgar. I'm fairly certain that Edgar's wife's name was Leone. There is also a book published by Bell with author Dorothy Leone (different spelling) Edgar.