Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Global Publishing Company Part I

Global Publishing Company managed to publish a handful of mass market paperbacks circa 1947 from Pickering, Ontario, a city just east of Toronto. The publisher was Horace Brown who I'll talk about in another post. One of the three books below is written by Brown as a paperback original - a novelization of a movie Whispering City. The book has a 1947 copyright date. The movie takes place in Quebec City and was released in both French and English. It is available on DVD.

The other two books are classics published to tie into recent movie adaptations. There are two versions of Great Expectations - one with a heavy card cover and one with a light paper cover. Also the spine printing is in different colours. Henry V has the heavy card cover. Great Expectations is described as "the shorter edition" - whatever that means other than someone has abridged the book.

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