Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hard Case Crime Part II

Here are two more from my favourite current mass market paperback series, Dorchester Publishing's Hard Case Crime. Two pseudonyms and one title change. In Fidel Castro Assassinated the attempt takes place while Castro is making a speech. And just yesterday Castro made his first speech in four years before the Cuban public. Fiction to real with 49 years between. Interesting to note that the much better cover for the original House Dick is the work of Robert McGinnis who has done 11 covers for Hard Case Crime. 

HCC-051 January 2009

HCC-051 back

Monarch MS1 - August 1961

Monarch MS1 back

HCC-054 April 2009

HCC-054 back

Fawcett Gold Medal s1103 - April 1961

Fawcett Gold Medal s1103 back

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