Saturday, 4 September 2010

Export Canadian Paperback Originals Part III

Export Publishing Enterprise Ltd published 55 paperback originals in 1949 and 1950. Taking into account known pseudonyms there are 44 named authors plus two anonymous editors of collections. Only 13 of the 44 have been identified. The remaining 31 authors make their only appearance in an Export book. I can find no other books they wrote or anything about them.

Here are three of these authors from October 1949.

News Stand Library 77

News Stand Library 77 back

News Stand Library 78

News Stand Library 78 back

News Stand Library 79

News Stand Library 79 back


  1. Dare I hope that at most, if not all, were written by Canadians. I suppose the setting of Never Kiss a Stranger suggests otherwise, but I wonder about the others. Are they set in Canada?

  2. Bed of Thorns takes place during WWI, seemingly in Germany. The other two are contemporary US. Only a few of these mystery author's books took place in Canada.