Sunday, 12 September 2010

Derby Publishing Part IV

Last of the posts for Derby Publishing Company - books 10 to 12. All are dated 1950 with 160 pages. Only the artist on number 10 can be identified, D. Rickard. Number 11 has the best cover of the short 12 book run.

An undistinguished collection. No originals, no Canadian authors and 10 books from the queen of soft core mid-century romance - Phoenix Press of New York. I don't know anything about the owners or employees of Derby.

Lush Lady by Gail Jordan (pseudonym for Peggy Gaddis [1895 - 1966]) was first published by Phoenix Press in 1949. Gaddis has too many other pseudonyms to list.

Highway Jane by Gordon Semple (pseudonym for William Arthur Neubauer [1916 - 1982]) was first published by Phoenix Press in 1949 as Passion's Highway. The author also wrote as William Arthur, Ralph Carter and Norman Bligh.

Borrowed Husband by Florenz Branch (pseudonym for Florence Stonebraker [1896 - 1977]) was first published by Phoenix Press in 1949 as Borrowed Love. The author also wrote as Thomas Stone.

Derby 10

Derby 10 back

Derby 11

Derby 11 back

Derby 12

Derby 12 back


  1. Thanks for the look at Derby and their building as Sam's. What a great little story.

    I'm not sure who the owner might have been, but in looking in to the comic books from back then I've come across the name of the president of Derby (aka Modern Distributors Ltd.) at that address, one M. J. Geller. If that helps you any.

    jim from mississauga

  2. Glad you enjoyed the series. Some of these small Toronto bases publishers either didn't provide an address or just a PO Box. So it was a bonus to be able to track Derby to the old Sam store. Thanks for the information - this is very interesting. I'll see if I can dig further and can add a part V to the series.