Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Derby Publishing Part II

Continuing our look at Derby Publishing Company, here are books 4 through 6 of 12 published. All three are dated 1949, have 160 pages and cover art by D. Rickard.

Derby's address at 347A Yonge Street in Toronto was for many years the famous Sam the Record Man store which closed in 2007. The site is being developed by Ryerson University. Here is a fascinating now and then comparison of the buildings. The then picture is apparently from the early 1950s - Derby could still be there.

Burning Desire by Perry Lindsay (pseudonym for Peggy Gaddis [1895 - 1966]) was first published by Phoenix Press in 1947 as The Burning Desire.

The French Wench by Robert Norcross (pseudonym for Albert Quandt [? - ?]) was first published by Phoenix Press in 1949. The author also wrote as Charles Thornton.

The Long Night by Joe Lederer [1904 - 1987] was first published by Farrar & Rinehart in 1931 as Overnight - translated by Guy Endore from Musik der Nacht published in Germany in 1930. Joe is short for Josefine. 

Derby 4

Derby 4 back

Derby 5

Derby 5 back

Derby 6

Derby 6 back

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