Thursday, 23 February 2012

Are Any of Harlequin Books 21 - 30 Worth Reading?

Moving on to the third group of early Harlequins - any that deserve a Worthy®?

There are three Westerns, including Painted Post Outlaws with Sheriff Blue Steel and his stalwart deputy, Shorty Watts; Magpie Stevens, the gossipy stage driver; Thimble Jack, the sad bartender; Old Man McCall, misunderstood philanthropist; Doc Crabtree, caustic medico, and Chow Now. There are also three mysteries and three romances. None of them prove worthy. The remaining book is City for Conquest. I was tempted but some research told me the Harlequin edition is bowdlerized and that I should wait to see the James Cagney 1940 film.

Running total remains at two Worthies®.

21 Snow, Charles H.       Renegade Ranger
22 Cardwell, Ann           Crazy to Kill
23 Kandel, Aben            City For Conquest
24 Gunn, Tom               Painted Post Outlaws
25 Mace, Merlda            Blondes Don't Cry
26 Jordan, Gale             Gambling On Love
27 Handley, Alan           Kiss Your Elbow
28 Mooney, Martin         One Year With Grace
29 Nye, Nelson C.          Gunfighter Breed
30 Nichols, Margaret      Portrait of Love

Harlequin 23 - November 1949

Harlequin 23 back

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