Monday, 27 February 2012

Are Any of Harlequin Books 41 - 50 Worth Reading?

41 Canning, Victor              Panther's Moon
42 Michel, M. Scott             House In Harlem [Sweet Murder]
43 Barry, Joe                     The Clean-Up
44 Hughes, Dorothy B.        The So Blue Marble
45 Kersh, Gerald                Night and the City
46 Gilmore, Cecile              Fair Stranger
47 Sturdy, Carl                   Registered Nurse
48 Weston, Garnett             Poldrate Street
49 Evans, John                   Weep Not Fair Lady [If You Have Tears]
50 McCord, Joseph              One Way Street

For the first time no westerns in a group. Three romances (46, 47, 50) and the rest crime/mystery/thriller. Here's the Kirkus review of Poldrate Street:

"With passions spinning the plot, the inhabitants of Poldrate Street become involved in murder, blackmail, and other grim events. A young heiress is focus of the death plot and is saved by a prize fighter and his tramp friend from the evil plans of a discredited doctor and an ambitious undertaker. A grisly piece with a rather unpleasant aftertaste." Not worthy.

For the first time in this series books with a reputation - The So Blue Marble and Night and the City. Both have earned a Worthy®.

Running total is five Worthies®.

Harlequin 44 - April 1950

Harlequin 45 - May 1950

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