Saturday, 25 February 2012

Collins White Circle Artists Part XXXII - Murray Smith (1)

Murray Smith ranks third behind Margaret Paull (67) and John Fernie (22) with 10 signed covers for the 1940s Canadian paperback line White Circle. They are all from 1949 to early 1951, towards the end of the series. I don't know anything about Smith. The Toronto City Directories for 1948 to 1951 have him listed as a commercial artist, one year (1948) at Brigden's Ltd., printers at 160 Richmond Street W. in downtown Toronto.

His first four covers are below. The third book highlights a problem with identifying artists. The signature is barely visible at bottom left. I imagine many covers don't show a signature because it has been cropped from the art.

White Circle C.D. 435

White Circle C.D. 389 - 1949

White Circle CD 405 - 1949

White Circle CD 412 - 1949

White Circle C.D. 435 - 1950 

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